Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Beginning and an End

I have, admittedly, been absent from here for several months. And I have my reasons- I spend my time on the internet elsewhere, I'm too busy to blog, I have homework..but most of all, the reason I haven't posted here is because I haven't been working on my novel at all and didn't feel right writing about- well, writing.

But now, I've graduated (in the vaguest sense of the term- I'm just done with classes, but I won't walk until June with the rest of my class). So I suddenly have a lot more free time on my hands. Granted, I plan to use most of that time to work on an application for a job I really want as well as troll the sites of companies I like for positions, but I also now have a lot of time on my hands to work on this story that I'm so passionate about.

In its most essential form, it's a story of friendship that takes place on the road. And I'm just now realizing how much research this is going to entail if I want to give it any realism! So though I'm at the end of my undergrad journey, I'm only at the beginning of this discovery as I pick and choose places for my two MCs to travel through and the struggles I'm going to pit them against. I think it's going to make for an exciting time, but it's also going to be one that's going to take a lot of work. Still, I welcome it! Bring it on.


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