Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Visualizing Characters

I've never really been one to seek out specific actors for my characters, but that has changed to some extent for my current WIP. Part of is has to do with the fact that I'm at home right now and that I have a lot of access to regular Indian television. Considering the fact that western television doesn't have much in the way of South Asian actors and most of my story is populated by people of South Asian descent (obviously, as it takes place in India), I haven't had many chances to look beyond Bollywood. Thanks to Tellywood, though, my choices are varied and wide- and I have a face to the name for most of my characters now!

In fact, the name for my parallel male lead came from the character paired against my actress inspiration for one of my MCs in one of her shows! He was a character that didn't exist until yesterday,but now that he does, he has made my story a) more interesting and b) has solved an inherent problem in the structure of my story--that is, two young women traveling through India entirely by themselves without facing any problems. As optimistic as I tend to be, even I know that's not exactly realistic.

What about you all? Do you like to visualize your characters, or are they entirely imagined?


Elleee said...

i personally like to visualise my characters, i find they come to life easier if i can act out the story in my head like a movie :)

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